Installing new brake pads on a 2002 BMW 325i

Jan 03, 2006
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by MechanicJoe 
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    Recently I had to replace the front brakes on my BMW. The passenger side was squealing so attention was required. It turns out that the pads had worn out and metal was wearing on metal requiring the passenger side rotor to need replacing. Other than that it was a simple job.
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Comments on this Slidestory
tucsonarizona1 Says:
Thank you - that was excellent- very thorough ! You have given me the confidence to try this myself - Thanks again! Craig
Posted May 15, 2008
tucsonarizona1 Says:
Well, I did it! I don't have any experience in that, but I'm glad I tried it! I saved $500.00!! The only thing I would add is that the brake pad sensor slides up to remove. Thanks again!!
Posted Jun 06, 2008
MechanicJoe Says:
Great, glad you did it. My whole purpose was to help others as well as make sure my effort didn't go to waste.
Edited Jun 09, 2008
cbritt Says:
hope you can still get this. Great photos of the brake job. I need to do the same thing but also need to do the rear brakes. Have any info on those or are they not too different?
Posted Oct 27, 2008
MechanicJoe Says:
Hi cbritt, Replacing the rear brake pads would be similar since they are also disc brakes. The rear pads may be different from the front so make sure you specify rear pads. I'll be replacing the rear brake pads soon so there will be a follow up.
Edited Dec 01, 2008
rwarren Says:
Thanks man. This was just what I needed and saved me a bundle! Thanks again for taking the time to share the steps and information!
Posted Sep 10, 2010

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